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Remodels are exciting. They are also very challenging, both for the home owner and the contractor. Communication and expectations are the keys to success, along with a few other things. Sometimes people can forget that in order to get the end result that you desire, and pay for, you have to live through a construction project. And living through a major, or even minor, construction project can be difficult at best, and disastrous at worst. Here are a few tips to help you get through the process and have fun.

1. Plans
Large remodels are something we love to do. When you start thinking about a large remodel, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, room addition, or whole home gut job, plans are key. Spend the time, and sometimes money, to get good plans created. Whether you do them yourselves, have your contractor do them, or hire an architect/designer, it is well worth the time and money. Plans get everyone on the same page. Many times you will find through the process of planning, that you make changes you didn't know you would make, until you see things on paper. It saves time in the long run and the money spent will be more than made up for with fewer mistakes and fewer changes along the way. 

2. Pictures
We live in the days of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. There are a million finishes out there and a million styles. Save as many pictures as you can. Start a collection. It will help you and your contractor build everything to your liking. We can take a picture and duplicate it in real life very accurately, whether that be in woodwork or paint finishes. If you have a picture of it, we can build it. It is very difficult to try and describe how you want something to look and have it come out exactly as you envision it. But if you put a picture up, we can match it!

3. Timeline
Once you start a remodel and are living in a construction zone, you will want everything to be done as fast as possible. That is a normal expectation. Your home is disrupted and the stress of the project can be hard to deal with. Other than you and your family, nobody wants to finish more than we do. But we also want to make sure we take the necessary time to do things the right way, with the right people. We go through great lengths to match the right people to each project. Some contractors are better at one thing than another, and so we sometimes have to wait for specialty guys to come available to finish certain parts of the job. Scheduling is one of the more difficult parts of our job and we work very hard to stick to a schedule the best we can. 

4. Access
Full access to the construction site is a necessity. We will need to figure out how you feel about people coming in and out of your home before we start your remodel. Know that we won't bring anyone into your home that we wouldn't have working in our own homes. Another simple idea is to have a construction door put in that can separate the construction zone from the rest of your home. Heavy plastic can also be hung, as a separation wall, to help keep the dust down as well as help you feel secure. 

5. Eyes on the Prize
I have told this to many clients. Not everyone can manage moving out of their home during a remodel. So it is hard to remember when you are cooking dinner on a hot plate in the back of your office or living room because your kitchen is in shambles, that something great is just ahead. Its hard to remember that all the dust, debris, trash, etc is all going to add up to something special. It is difficult when you just want a day to relax at home, yet you have contractors coming in and out making lots of noise. EYES ON THE PRIZE!! It is all worth it in the long run when you see your dreams come true in your home. It is a short time of difficulties, that lead to something special.

Why To Use a GAF Certified Roofer by BOLD Multimedia

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction Brick House

This NewsBlaze article by Melissa Thompson breaks down the ultimate reason to use a GAF Certified contractor. Take a look at the reasons a firm like ScissorTail is always your best choice for roofing construction. 

Reasons to Opt for GAF-Certified Roofers

So why should you choose a GAF-certified roofing contractor over a non-certified counterpart?

1. Warranties.

According to Rocky Mountain Exteriors, warranties should be one of your top considerations when installing a new roof, as the average cost of the job exceeds $6500. GAF offers a second level of certification known as Master Elite certification, which automatically comes with a 50-year warranty on all materials and a 25-year warranty on all workmanship. Depending on your intentions, these warranties will probably last for the duration of your time in a home.

2. Accident protection.

If you opt for a roofing contractor who is not insured, and they fall or injure themselves on your property, you could potentially be held liable for damages. GAF certification guarantees that your roofing contractor is adequately covered. This is an area you don’t want to risk.

3. Better interactions.

To attain GAF certification, a contractor must have been in business for a number of years, with ample positive reviews from paying customers. That means you can all but guarantee you’ll have a positive working relationship. Communication is key to having a successful job, and GAF certification can assure that you’ll get it.

4. Higher quality materials.

Certification by GAF mandates that a contractor must use GAF products-which are some of the best in the industry. If you hire a contractor who isn’t certified, they may use shoddy materials to save money on the job, either giving them precedent for setting a lower price point or simply pocketing the difference in cost for themselves. GAF certification guarantees you’ll have better shingles and other roofing materials protecting your home.

5. Up-to-date work.

Technology and advancements in materials have made the roofing industry drastically different than it was even a decade ago. If you hire a roofing contractor that’s been around since the 1970s but isn’t certified, they may be using techniques from the 1970s that are now obsolete. GAF certification forces contractors to undergo regular training and procedural updates, so you can rest assured that the work being done on your roof is modernized.

To read the rest of the article, click the link below. 
Read More Here

How Hail Affects Roofing Shingles by BOLD Multimedia

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction Hail

Keeping in mind that we're in the midst of storm season, here's a great informational blog provided by GAF, written by Liza Barth. 

Weather can be unpredictable, and turbulent weather—especially hail—can damage shingles.  Contractors should explain to homeowners how hail can affect shingles and what they should watch out for.

A manufacturer’s warranty typically will not cover damage to your roof caused by hail, however you should review the details of the warranty covering your shingles in order to determine whether any such coverage is available. Here are some answers to common questions regarding hail damage.

Is damage immediately noticeable? Not always. Hail impact may cause latent damage that can, over time, result in premature aging of the shingles. Without obvious visual damage, there is no real way to be sure how much, if any, damage shingles have encountered. Latent damage caused by hail or severe weather may not be apparent until months or years later and may cause the shingles to age prematurely.

How can I tell if the roof was damaged? Generally, damage can be seen as indentations and/or fractures on the shingle’s surface. Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions. If this is not evident, look for indentations on metal flashings, siding, chimney caps, or even skylight flashings. After some time, clusters of granules may come off (at the point of impact) in a random pattern and expose the asphalt.

To check out the full blog click here and see what more you can do to protect your house. And, if you need a roofing contractor who has your back this storm season, never hesitate to call on Scissor Tail! 

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter by admin

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction Snow on Roof

It’s that wonderful time of year — falling leaves, flannels and our personal favorite, pumpkin spice. As we transition our wardrobes for the chilly winter ahead, it’s time to bring the attention to your home. Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your home’s warmth (and safety) for the holidays? Check out these winterization tips and get ready to prepare your home for winter!

No gutter balls here.

We love autumn for its vibrant leaves, but they can quickly become a pain when winter rolls around. If you’ve neglected your gutters, find a ladder, climb up and get rid of any build up you find. If the debris is left there, clogged gutters and drains can form ice dams, cause water to back up into the house, and damage your roofing, siding, and trim. Even worse, it can cause water to seep into your home which can result in costly repairs.

Stash it away for the winter.

Now that summer has come and gone, it’s time to prepare your backyard for winter. Scrub down your patio furniture and either cover it or store it away for the season.  Also, if you’re planning on rinsing off any furniture, make sure to unscrew and drain the hose. This prevents it from freezing and potential leaks!

No pane, no gain.

Now, it’s time to prevent that cold winter air from entering your home. Our team here at ScissorTail Roofing suggests that if any gaps between siding and window or door frames are larger than a dime, you need to reapply caulk. A silicone caulk is ideal because it can stand up to the elements. For added warmth, opt for heavier curtains!

We didn’t start the fire.

Whether you use a fireplace to keep warm or simply love the look of it. A chimney cleaning is a key item in home winterization. Have a professional inspect and clean it, it’ll minimize any fire hazards in the season ahead.

What can we say? We’re a fan.

Want to know a simple trick for lowering your utility bills? Take advantage of your ceiling fan’s reverse switch. It’ll run the blades clockwise, producing an updraft and pushing down the heated air into the room. To cut even more costs, lower your thermostat by one or two degrees.

It’s time to raise the roof.

This is where ScissorTail Roofing can come in handy. If you notice any damaged, loose or missing shingles, your home may be at risk for leaking. If your roof is flat and surfaced with asphalt, rake or blow off any leaves or pine needles. Next, give our team a call at (405) 928-8089 and we’ll set you up with a FREE inspection. It’s better to take care of any repair now than in the midst of winter.

Things are heating up.

If you’re looking for temperature consistency and lower heating costs, we can’t stress enough to search for air leaks. Warm air that is escaping makes your heating system work that much harder. We mentioned caulk earlier, but our ScissorTail Roofing team also recommends “door socks” for entries and weatherstripping for operable windows.

You’re hot and you’re cold.

We’ve mentioned a few home winterization tips to cut some of the work for your heating system, but when was the last time you had your furnace checked? Sediment can build up, causing it to work less efficiently. Also, it can quickly become a fire hazard. During the winter, change your filter regularly (this will improve air flow). And if your furnace needs to be repaired or fixed, we suggest an energy-efficient model from a local company you can trust.

Winter Essentials

Lastly, to prepare your home for winter, you’ll need the essentials. Storms happen, and it’s best that you’re not left in the dark. A generator is a fantastic investment to consider. Always leave it outside with ample air flow when running one for your safety. Additionally, it’s good to have flashlights and batteries on hand in case of a power outage. For the outdoors, you’ll need to stock up on a snow shovel and ice melt. Believe us, slips and falls are no fun.

7 Tips For Choosing Commercial Roofing by admin

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction Commercial Roofing

  Whether you’re replacing your roof system or fixing a roof leak, it can be difficult choosing a commercial roofing company for your business. We have some news for you, though.

Our team at ScissorTail Roofing is dedicated to helping you find the best quality of service to fit your budget. Give us a call at (405) 928-8089 and check out our 7 tips below for choosing the right commercial roofing company.

1. But Are You Insured? It’s important that you check that the contractor has worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.

2. Keep it Local Whether you choose a large or small commercial roofing company, make sure your contractors are local. An earned reputation for excellence goes beyond a list of services any day and is the true seal of approval from the community. Also, do some homework. Most likely, the company will have customer testimonials or a project portfolio to provide a more accurate expectation.

3. The Price Isn’t Always Right Pricing isn’t everything. If you settle for cheap bids, you’ll soon find that you get what you pay for. On the other hand, make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of. Being able to weigh craftsmanship and affordability is what ScissorTail Roofing does best. So if you need a customized, accurate estimate, give us a call.

4. Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls We don’t know about you, but we can’t stand a gimmicky sales pitch. As we mentioned before, choose a commercial roofing company in your area that is known for customer satisfaction. And if you’re approached by a roofer promising the world, don’t fall victim to their pressuring sales pitches. After all, it’s an investment. It’s completely fine (if not, wiser) to do some research beforehand.

5. You’ve Got to Walk the Walk Credentials definitely help. Check and see what your commercial roofing company is affiliated with. Are they certified? Have they been recognized for something? It’s important to choose a company that’s up-to-date on industry trends and developments. And while you may be tempted to settle for lower, it’s in your best interest to invest in a company that has years of satisfied customers.

6. Get It in Writing As we mentioned before, it’s important to do your research. We don’t want you to get taken advantage of in the least bit. When in doubt, get everything in writing. Make sure you’re completely satisfied with the terms of service and the end result. Having timelines and expectations drawn out from the start will help you avoid headaches during the project.

7. Communication is Key Communication should be an integral part of the project. Were documents sent promptly? Did they communicate any concerns or potential alterations? If the commercial roofing company can’t promise regular updates, it’s time to move on and look elsewhere.

What issues have you run into in the past? What advice would you have given yourself? Share your advice

4 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Summer by admin

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction- Preparing Roof for Summer

As Oklahoma embraces the summer heat, our minds are consumed with barbecues, snow-cones, and outdoor activities. Something that you’ve probably kept on the back burner (for quite some time now) is your roof. It’s important to consider your home’s exterior during season changes. After all, this state certainly sees its fair share of severe weather.

Being proactive and tending to your roof can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Think about it. Curling shingles can turn into leaks, leaks turn into water damage, and the bill only adds up from there. If you get into the swing of roof maintenance, though, it’ll last you much longer. Here are a few maintenance tips to get you started!

1. Conduct an inspection

We don’t know about you, but we don’t enjoy trudging through three feet of snow to take a look at our shingle situation. If your area has experienced icy rain, heavy snow, or freezing temperatures (let’s be honest, we all have), your shingles could be curling or deteriorating. Broken or raised tailed should be replaced, and you’ll also need to watch out for protruding nails.

2. Take care of outdoor hazards

Overhanging branches? Those will need to go. Not only do you run the chance of them falling onto your roof, but they provide access for pests to enter your home or backyard. Also, twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris can clog your gutters and drains.

3. Clear gutters and drains

Your gutters deserve some love too. They’re responsible for catching all the storm water, running it down to the ground, providing proper drainage. When gutters become loose, leaky or clogged, it’s bad news bears. Getting into the habit of checking them regularly allows you to spot any small problems before they have the chance to worsen.

4. Consider replacing your roof

Sometimes you’ll just need to call in a repair or replacement. And you know what? That’s completely fine. ScissorTail Roofing is here to ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape, able to withstand the craziest midwestern winds. To learn more about our services or if you have a couple questions in mind, give us a call at (405) 928-8089. We’re always happy to help!

Scissortail Kitchen Remodel by admin


Our client built this custom home 35 years ago. Over the years, the foundation started to fail in the kitchen. In some of the pictures, you can see a large 1" plus crack in the floor. They called us needing help. They wanted to repair the foundation while at the same time completely remodeling the kitchen. This was a very large project needing lots of experience. We worked with our structural engineer to put together an approved plan and were able to cut out the bad part of the foundation in the kitchen and repair it with pins and rebar. Once that was complete, the kitchen remodels portion began, including all new cabinets, appliances, heated floor, trim/doors, and tile. This was a fun project! If you find yourself needing a very difficult remodel, just give us a call today for a FREE estimate!


6 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof by admin

 ScissorTail Roofing and Construction- Replacing Roof

Your home is one of your most treasured investments. It’s important to hire a contractor that’s not only efficient but one you can trust. In the midst of storm season, we’re often asked for our roofing recommendations. The initial fact to be determined is whether the issue requires a quick patching or a complete replacement. From there, we’ll assess the severity of the problem and help you develop a game plan.Here at ScissorTail Roofing and Construction, we’re a huge advocate for transparency. We’re a family-owned, local business that will always provide you with a professional opinion and the best quality of materials. We take pride in the fact that we walk customers through our processes. After all, it’s a team effort. With that being said, there are six factors we think you should consider before replacing your roof!

1. What kind of material do you want? In this day and age, you have a world of options at your fingertips. Gone are the days of just a 25-year or a 30-year shingle. Your choices depend on things like roof pitch, region, and personal taste! Impact Resistant shingles are in high demand depending on who you insure your home with. Many give large premium discounts in order to help clients upgrade to a shingle that withstands impacts. Designer shingles are extremely popular, as homeowners are wanting to branch out from the normal look of the basic 3-tab or Architectural Shingles. Wood shake shingles, standing seam metal roofing, slate roofing, polymer roofing, and others are all some of the options you have for your home.

2. What are your expectations? Referrals are key! Ask your contractor for a list of contacts or a portfolio. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and view projects similar to yours.

3. How old is your roof? Let’s face it, we live in a state with lots of damaging weather. Many time roofs may only last a few years before the hail and wind tear them apart. But many times roofs will last 10 to 20 years. Remember to share the age of your roof with your contractor to help in working up a recommendation!

4. Replace or layover? Today, residential building codes allow for no more than two layers of roofing. We are often asked if it will lower the price if we perform a layover. The short answer is yes, but a lower price may cost you later. While code allows for two layers, ScissorTail always recommends removing the existing material before putting on the new roof. Shingles are not light. Adding a second layer to your roof doubles the weight sitting on your house. Shingles also retain a lot of heat, and adding another layer just increases that heat retention. Our goal is to give you the best roofing system we can provide, keeping you and your family safe!

5. Do you have a contract? Always make sure to have a written contract before work starts! It allows you to know exactly what’s taking place during the project and how much it’ll cost. If there are any changes in cost such as additional materials needed, make sure your contractor contacts you first prior to installation. This allows for a smooth construction process with no hidden surprises.

6. Are you prepared? Just like your health, it’s better to practice preventative measures. Giving ScissorTail a call and seeking out advice when you spot an issue can mean the difference between just a quick patch, or having a larger problem on your hands. We are always ready to help.

A Backyard Paradise by admin

Many people only dream of having the perfect backyard to fulfill all of their outdoor dreams, but little do they know that building a paradise doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few backyard ideas, both big and small, that are sure to impress not only your family, but also your guests!  

1. The idea of conversation furniture is that it allows you to comfortably engage with those around you but it doesn't have to stop there. These pieces also serve to make your patio area appear spacier and more inviting. If you're looking to entertain this summer, or just want to have a S'more night with the family, the conversation furniture is a perfect fit for you. But have no fear you relaxation-seekers, there's pieces for you, too! Vamp up any display with single-seated chairs that take sitting in the backyard to a whole new level.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.31.21 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.31.21 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.27.35 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.27.35 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.22.01 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.22.01 PM

2. Gazebo vs Pergola: A hard decision? Not anymore! The biggest difference between the two statement pieces is the amount of entertainment you can do with each. For example, a gazebo is easily one of the most romantic pieces that one can put in a backyard however, unless the structure is generous in circumference, it most likely won't hold more than 7-10 people. This makes the gazebo a great fit for those who enjoy small, intimate gatherings. On the other hand, the pergola is almost too fit for large gatherings and/or events where a grill is present. The spaces between each beam at the top of the pergola make it easy to enjoy a night out in the yard grilling without all of the smoke in your face. The open areas, which would be all four sides of the pergola, give way for people to walk in and out with ease. Also, for all of you plant-lovers, light enthusiasts and star-gazers, the pergola leaves room for plants to be hung, lights to be strung, and stars to be seen.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.06.24 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.06.24 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.40.17 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.40.17 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.52.57 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.52.57 PM

3. Now it's time to heat things up... or cool things down. Depending on what time of the year you enjoy spending the most time out back, it should be fairly easy to decide which works best for your ideal paradise: fire pit or fountain? When the leaves begin to fall and the trees are in transition, a fire pit is exactly what you need to keep warm while you're enjoying the longer nights. Though the fire pit does keep you warm in winter, it can also do some good in the summer. Gather up your closest pals and you've got yourself a cozy night in. As for fountains, the spring and summer are great seasons for a serene stream of water. Displaying a fountain gives your yard a sense of peace and tranquility while also curing any heat waves.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.03.05 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.03.05 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.43.39 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.43.39 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.54.12 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.54.12 PM

4. Helpful tip of the day: If you're guy doesn't cook, get him a grill. If you need a certain someone to start helping with mealtime, he won't be able to resist an outdoor kitchen! Grills and kitchens completely upgrade your entire backyard, taking it from good to great. They're suitable for entertaining and casual meals during any season, making your backyard paradise a place you'll always want to be.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.53.29 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.53.29 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.43.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.43.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.29.43 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.29.43 PM