10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter / by admin

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It’s that wonderful time of year — falling leaves, flannels and our personal favorite, pumpkin spice. As we transition our wardrobes for the chilly winter ahead, it’s time to bring the attention to your home. Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your home’s warmth (and safety) for the holidays? Check out these winterization tips and get ready to prepare your home for winter!

No gutter balls here.

We love autumn for its vibrant leaves, but they can quickly become a pain when winter rolls around. If you’ve neglected your gutters, find a ladder, climb up and get rid of any build up you find. If the debris is left there, clogged gutters and drains can form ice dams, cause water to back up into the house, and damage your roofing, siding, and trim. Even worse, it can cause water to seep into your home which can result in costly repairs.

Stash it away for the winter.

Now that summer has come and gone, it’s time to prepare your backyard for winter. Scrub down your patio furniture and either cover it or store it away for the season.  Also, if you’re planning on rinsing off any furniture, make sure to unscrew and drain the hose. This prevents it from freezing and potential leaks!

No pane, no gain.

Now, it’s time to prevent that cold winter air from entering your home. Our team here at ScissorTail Roofing suggests that if any gaps between siding and window or door frames are larger than a dime, you need to reapply caulk. A silicone caulk is ideal because it can stand up to the elements. For added warmth, opt for heavier curtains!

We didn’t start the fire.

Whether you use a fireplace to keep warm or simply love the look of it. A chimney cleaning is a key item in home winterization. Have a professional inspect and clean it, it’ll minimize any fire hazards in the season ahead.

What can we say? We’re a fan.

Want to know a simple trick for lowering your utility bills? Take advantage of your ceiling fan’s reverse switch. It’ll run the blades clockwise, producing an updraft and pushing down the heated air into the room. To cut even more costs, lower your thermostat by one or two degrees.

It’s time to raise the roof.

This is where ScissorTail Roofing can come in handy. If you notice any damaged, loose or missing shingles, your home may be at risk for leaking. If your roof is flat and surfaced with asphalt, rake or blow off any leaves or pine needles. Next, give our team a call at (405) 928-8089 and we’ll set you up with a FREE inspection. It’s better to take care of any repair now than in the midst of winter.

Things are heating up.

If you’re looking for temperature consistency and lower heating costs, we can’t stress enough to search for air leaks. Warm air that is escaping makes your heating system work that much harder. We mentioned caulk earlier, but our ScissorTail Roofing team also recommends “door socks” for entries and weatherstripping for operable windows.

You’re hot and you’re cold.

We’ve mentioned a few home winterization tips to cut some of the work for your heating system, but when was the last time you had your furnace checked? Sediment can build up, causing it to work less efficiently. Also, it can quickly become a fire hazard. During the winter, change your filter regularly (this will improve air flow). And if your furnace needs to be repaired or fixed, we suggest an energy-efficient model from a local company you can trust.

Winter Essentials

Lastly, to prepare your home for winter, you’ll need the essentials. Storms happen, and it’s best that you’re not left in the dark. A generator is a fantastic investment to consider. Always leave it outside with ample air flow when running one for your safety. Additionally, it’s good to have flashlights and batteries on hand in case of a power outage. For the outdoors, you’ll need to stock up on a snow shovel and ice melt. Believe us, slips and falls are no fun.