6 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof


Your home is one of your most treasured investments. It’s important to hire a contractor that’s not only efficient but one you can trust. In the midst of storm season, we’re often asked for our roofing recommendations. The initial fact to be determined is whether the issue requires a quick patching or a complete replacement. From there, we’ll assess the severity of the problem and help you develop a game plan.Here at ScissorTail Roofing and Construction, we’re a huge advocate for transparency. We’re a family-owned, local business that will always provide you with a professional opinion and the best quality of materials. We take pride in the fact that we walk customers through our processes. After all, it’s a team effort. With that being said, there are six factors we think you should consider before replacing your roof!

1. What kind of material do you want? In this day and age, you have a world of options at your fingertips. Gone are the days of just a 25-year or a 30-year shingle. Your choices depend on things like roof pitch, region, and personal taste! Impact Resistant shingles are in high demand depending on who you insure your home with. Many give large premium discounts in order to help clients upgrade to a shingle that withstands impacts. Designer shingles are extremely popular, as homeowners are wanting to branch out from the normal look of the basic 3-tab or Architectural Shingles. Wood shake shingles, standing seam metal roofing, slate roofing, polymer roofing, and others are all some of the options you have for your home.

2. What are your expectations? Referrals are key! Ask your contractor for a list of contacts or a portfolio. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and view projects similar to yours.

3. How old is your roof? Let’s face it, we live in a state with lots of damaging weather. Many time roofs may only last a few years before the hail and wind tear them apart. But many times roofs will last 10 to 20 years. Remember to share the age of your roof with your contractor to help in working up a recommendation!

4. Replace or layover? Today, residential building codes allow for no more than two layers of roofing. We are often asked if it will lower the price if we perform a layover. The short answer is yes, but a lower price may cost you later. While code allows for two layers, ScissorTail always recommends removing the existing material before putting on the new roof. Shingles are not light. Adding a second layer to your roof doubles the weight sitting on your house. Shingles also retain a lot of heat, and adding another layer just increases that heat retention. Our goal is to give you the best roofing system we can provide, keeping you and your family safe!

5. Do you have a contract? Always make sure to have a written contract before work starts! It allows you to know exactly what’s taking place during the project and how much it’ll cost. If there are any changes in cost such as additional materials needed, make sure your contractor contacts you first prior to installation. This allows for a smooth construction process with no hidden surprises.

6. Are you prepared? Just like your health, it’s better to practice preventative measures. Giving ScissorTail a call and seeking out advice when you spot an issue can mean the difference between just a quick patch, or having a larger problem on your hands. We are always ready to help.