A Backyard Paradise

Many people only dream of having the perfect backyard to fulfill all of their outdoor dreams, but little do they know that building a paradise doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few backyard ideas, both big and small, that are sure to impress not only your family but also your guests!  

1. The idea of conversation furniture is that it allows you to comfortably engage with those around you but it doesn't have to stop there. These pieces also serve to make your patio area appear spacier and more inviting. If you're looking to entertain this summer, or just want to have a S'more night with the family, the conversation furniture is a perfect fit for you. But have no fear you relaxation-seekers, there are pieces for you, too! Vamp up any display with single-seated chairs that take sitting in the backyard to a whole new level.

2. Gazebo vs Pergola: A hard decision? Not anymore! The biggest difference between the two statement pieces is the amount of entertainment you can do with each. For example, a gazebo is easily one of the most romantic pieces that one can put in a backyard however, unless the structure is generous in circumference, it most likely won't hold more than 7-10 people. This makes the gazebo a great fit for those who enjoy small, intimate gatherings. On the other hand, the pergola is almost too fit for large gatherings and/or events where a grill is present. The spaces between each beam at the top of the pergola make it easy to enjoy a night out in the yard grilling without all of the smoke in your face. The open areas, which would be all four sides of the pergola, give way for people to walk in and out with ease. Also, for all of you plant-lovers, light enthusiasts and star-gazers, the pergola leaves room for plants to be hung, lights to be strung, and stars to be seen.

3. Now it's time to heat things up... or cool things down. Depending on what time of the year you enjoy spending the most time out back, it should be fairly easy to decide which works best for your ideal paradise: fire pit or fountain? When the leaves begin to fall and the trees are in transition, a fire pit is exactly what you need to keep warm while you're enjoying the longer nights. Though the fire pit does keep you warm in winter, it can also do some good in the summer. Gather up your closest pals and you've got yourself a cozy night in. As for fountains, the spring and summer are great seasons for a serene stream of water. Displaying a fountain gives your yard a sense of peace and tranquility while also curing any heat waves.

4. Helpful tip of the day: If you're guy doesn't cook, get him a grill. If you need a certain someone to start helping with mealtime, he won't be able to resist an outdoor kitchen! Grills and kitchens completely upgrade your entire backyard, taking it from good to great. They're suitable for entertaining and casual meals during any season, making your backyard paradise a place you'll always want to be.