Remodels are exciting. They are also very challenging, both for the home owner and the contractor. Communication and expectations are the keys to success, along with a few other things. Sometimes people can forget that in order to get the end result that you desire, and pay for, you have to live through a construction project. And living through a major, or even minor, construction project can be difficult at best, and disastrous at worst. Here are a few tips to help you get through the process and have fun.

1. Plans
Large remodels are something we love to do. When you start thinking about a large remodel, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, room addition, or whole home gut job, plans are key. Spend the time, and sometimes money, to get good plans created. Whether you do them yourselves, have your contractor do them, or hire an architect/designer, it is well worth the time and money. Plans get everyone on the same page. Many times you will find through the process of planning, that you make changes you didn't know you would make, until you see things on paper. It saves time in the long run and the money spent will be more than made up for with fewer mistakes and fewer changes along the way. 

2. Pictures
We live in the days of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. There are a million finishes out there and a million styles. Save as many pictures as you can. Start a collection. It will help you and your contractor build everything to your liking. We can take a picture and duplicate it in real life very accurately, whether that be in woodwork or paint finishes. If you have a picture of it, we can build it. It is very difficult to try and describe how you want something to look and have it come out exactly as you envision it. But if you put a picture up, we can match it!

3. Timeline
Once you start a remodel and are living in a construction zone, you will want everything to be done as fast as possible. That is a normal expectation. Your home is disrupted and the stress of the project can be hard to deal with. Other than you and your family, nobody wants to finish more than we do. But we also want to make sure we take the necessary time to do things the right way, with the right people. We go through great lengths to match the right people to each project. Some contractors are better at one thing than another, and so we sometimes have to wait for specialty guys to come available to finish certain parts of the job. Scheduling is one of the more difficult parts of our job and we work very hard to stick to a schedule the best we can. 

4. Access
Full access to the construction site is a necessity. We will need to figure out how you feel about people coming in and out of your home before we start your remodel. Know that we won't bring anyone into your home that we wouldn't have working in our own homes. Another simple idea is to have a construction door put in that can separate the construction zone from the rest of your home. Heavy plastic can also be hung, as a separation wall, to help keep the dust down as well as help you feel secure. 

5. Eyes on the Prize
I have told this to many clients. Not everyone can manage moving out of their home during a remodel. So it is hard to remember when you are cooking dinner on a hot plate in the back of your office or living room because your kitchen is in shambles, that something great is just ahead. Its hard to remember that all the dust, debris, trash, etc is all going to add up to something special. It is difficult when you just want a day to relax at home, yet you have contractors coming in and out making lots of noise. EYES ON THE PRIZE!! It is all worth it in the long run when you see your dreams come true in your home. It is a short time of difficulties, that lead to something special.