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Residential Roofing

Scissortail was established in ???? as a Norman, Oklahoma roofing company serving the Greater Metro area in roof installation, repair and replacements. 

Commercial Roofing

Proudly covering ______ homes and commercial buildings across the area. Scissortail works to keep your structure complete....???


Your Roofing Completes Your Home


Having a roof over your head is vital. Whether at your business or at home, a stable, in tact roof is necessary. At ScissorTail we focus on roofing the right way. We strive to give you the best possible roof and provide you with all information necessary in the roof making decision. We are full survice, from new roofing to routine maintenacne, our goal is to provide the best roofing options for you. The making of a great roof begins with the materials and builds up into a cover??? that matches the style of your building. At scissor tail we not only provide the best service, but quality materials and design that are durable and strong. 


Your Roof Completes Your Home


Without a roof a building is not complete. We want to provide the service necesarry to keep homes and commercial roofs pristine and secure. At ScisorTail we want your roof to not only function, but look good too. Choising shingles, colors, materials, style and so on all goes on to creating the perfect roof for you. From creation and installation then comes maintenance. With Oklahoma weather comes unexpected storms and unavoidable damage, ScissorTail works to repair any roof damage in a timely and effecient manner. 


Emergency Service

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Natural disasters effect roofs. We are there for you in case of any-type of emergency. We want to be your go to handy man for any damage done to your building. Whether major damage or small, we can replace and restore. We take emergencies seriously contact us at:(---) xxx-xxxx


Financing Services

Finance your new roof anytime. We will walk you though financing your roof. We have a variety of options etc. cheaper isn't a long term investment. Quality in a roof is necarassy, and is worth the money put in. Installing a roof right the first time, is worth it in the long run. 


Free Roofing Estimate

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Keeping up with the health of your roof is very important. A roof goes through wear and tear every day and can at some point just has to be replaces. Before replacement, we are here to maintain your roof. Preventative measures like keeping debris off the roof or replacing damaged shingles and tiles can help to keep your roof in tact for longer. Even the best roofs can fail etc. Get everything you can out of your roof. 


Roofing Repairs

Damage is unavoidable even with the best roof. We are here for any repairs and replacements. and pricing information. how roof repairs work. What would need to be repaired.